Doctor Who Series 7 News

Production commences next month on the thirty-fourth season of Doctor Who. Rumours concerning the return of ‘classic’  era monsters have surfaced online again.

After being afforded only a cameo role last year, the Daleks may well feature in the 2012 run, but I hope that Mr Moffat prolongs their ‘rest’ until the Anniversary.

A more welcome prospect would be the supposed return of the Great Intelligence and it’s cohorts, the Yeti. These robots were first linked with NuWho when Peter McKinstry’s concept art (for the DVD Files partwork) was released in 2010. Excluding a brief appearance in The Five Doctors, the Yeti were last seen in The Web of Fear way back in 1968, and they are surely due a rematch with the Doctor.

Personally, I’d love to see a Genesis of the Cybermen-type adventure too, featuring the (non-Cybus) Mondasian variant. I think that Cyber stories work best when injected with body horror.

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