Doctor Who: Journey Into Time

Just a month after the news of the discovery of two missing episodes of Doctor Who, we now learn that a long-lost script for a proposed radio series has been unearthed in the BBC archives.

 After the release of the feature film, Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150AD in 1966, two independent production companies, Stanmark and Watermill, planned to record a fifty-two part radio series starring Peter Cushing as Dr. Who. A pilot entitled Journey Into Time, written by Malcolm Hulke, was produced, but a full series was ruled out when the BBC rejected the adventure – set during the American Revolution – as “extremely feeble.” The pilot episode was never broadcast, and remains lost, but fanzineNothing at the End of the Lane has presented the full script in it’s latest issue. Hulke went on to pen eight Doctor Who stories for TV, and he adapted seven Target novelisations.

It’s possible that a radio spin-off was considered when a third Dalek film – based on the TV serial The Chase – was abandoned, and Cushing was keen to continue in the role. Interestingly, Cushing once stated in an interview that he believed his version of the Doctor was in fact canonical. Long before the concept of ‘Unbound‘ Time Lords, he theorised that ‘Dr. Who’ was actually a future incarnation kidnapped by the Celestial Toymaker, who had “wiped his memory and made him relive some of his earlier adventures.” Furthermore, we know that the First Doctor had indeed escaped the Toymaker before their televised encounter.

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