The Ripper and the Whoniverse, Part 3

Analysing Doctor Who: Matrix by Mike Tucker and Robert Perry (BBC Books, 1998), Continued –
The Doctor now transforms fully into the ‘Ripper’ in “a sudden swirl of wind and leaves” (page 73), an event forseen in Relative Dementias (Mark Michalowski, 2002). He attacks ‘Dorothy’ with a glass shard and she flees, now cut and bloodied.
Ace runs into horse-slaughterer Henry Tomkins, who presumes that ‘Leather Apron’ [i] has attacked her. “They say he’s a medical man” he states, which was a common assumption from 1888 onwards – a Doctor perhaps! Tomkins [ii] is the only real-life person connected with the case who appears in Matrix (although the generic Scotland Yard detective who later questions Ace remains anonymous).
Later Ace takes a room in Whitechapel Road, but she finds the area so different to the East End seen in Illegal Alien (also by Tucker and Perry, 1997). When Jed retrieves the TARDIS telepathic circuit he has a vision of the London Blitz, as well as seeing the “Cheetah girl” Ace (see Survival, 1989).
The next day sees Kelly’s murder in Miller’s Court [5] – the only one committed indoors – so we can assume that the time-travellers arrived on Thursday November 8th 1888. Now posing as Dorothy Gale (the heroine of The Wizard of Oz), Ace finds work in service at Treddle’s Wharf, whilst the amnesiac Doctor is sheltered and christened ‘Johnny’ by his new friend, Joseph Liebermann.
The funeral conducted at Christ Church, Spitalfields (p. 173) must be Kelly’s, since she was buried on November 19th [iii]. In attendance at the graveside are the Doctor, Liebermann, and Malacroix, who remarks that “the Jews will be blamed for this”. This echoes the real ‘graffito’ chalked on a wall at Goulston Street on the night of the double event. Recorded thus (and removed on Sir Charles Warren’s orders): “The Juwes are the men That Will not be Blamed for nothing” the mis-spelling is believed to be deliberate.
Allegedly scrawled by the murderer, this message was left on a wall above another clue, Eddowes’ [4]  bloody apron, and has an apparent double meaning. It served as an anti-semitic reference left near Jewish dwellings, besides containing the Masonic phrase “Juwes”.
Malacroix then acquires Nicholls’ [1] blood-stained dress, and states that “some people claimed that Martha Tabram had been the first [victim], nearly a month earlier. They were wrong” (p. 204). He seems well informed because many contemporaries assumed that Tabram [iv] along with at least three other non-canonical victims, was indeed killed by the Ripper.
When the Doctor eventually discovers the telepathic circuit, he regains his memory. He recalls his last trial, and even senses his future gunshot injuries and consequent eigth incarnation. The Time Lord then confronts the Ripper in the crypt of Christ Church. The killer is revealed as the Valeyard (see The Trial of a Time Lord, 1986), and his lair is in fact the Doctor’s warped TARDIS which now houses the Dark Matrix. They battle on the bell-tower as the corrupted time-ship dies, and the Valeyard falls to his death.
As they prepare to leave London, the Doctor tells Ace that “those particular five women had to die. Simply because that’s the way it happened”. This reinforces the belief that there were indeed five Ripper victims.


KEY Canonical Murders:
[1] Mary Ann Nicholls – Buck’s Row, Friday August 31st 1888
[2] Annie Chapman – Hanbury St. Saturday September 8th
[3] Elizabeth Stride – Berner St. Sunday September 30th
[4] Catherine Eddowes – Mitre Square, also September 30th
[5] Mary Jane Kelly – Miller’s Court, Friday November 9th

[i] Contemporaneous suspect John Pizer was known in the East End as ‘Leather Apron’ and was arrested by Sergeant William Thicke on September 10th, but was later cleared of all suspicion.
[ii] Tomkins was a witness at the Nicholls inquest, and worked in Winthorp Street at the time of her murder in neighbouring Buck’s Row.
[iii] Kelly was actually interred at St. Patrick’s RC Cemetary, Leytonstone.
[iv] Tabram was slain at 37 George Yard (now Gunthorpe Street) on Tuesday August 7th.


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