1942 – Director Michael E Briant born in Bournemouth
1970 – Doctor Who and the Silurians, Episode 3 first broadcast
1976 – The Seeds of Doom, Part 3 first screened
1981 – The Keeper of Traken, Part 3 first screened
1992 – The Mind Robber, Episode 3 repeated on BBC2
1993 – The War Games, Episodes 1 to 5 all repeated on UK Gold
1994 – The Sun Makers, Part 1 repeated on UK Gold
1995 – The Ultimate Foe, Parts 13 and 14 both repeated on UK Gold
1999 – Genesis of the Daleks Omnibus repeated on UK Gold
2002 – Death Comes to Time webcast launched on BBCi with Planet of Blood, Part 1
2004 – Survival Omnibus repeated on UK Gold
2010 – Evolution of the Daleks and Doctor Who Confidential: Making Manhattan both repeated on BBC3
2011 – Vincent and the Doctor and Doctor Who Confidential: A Brush With Genius both repeated on BBC3
2012 – The Fires of Pompeii repeated on Watch
2013 – Last of the Time Lords repeated on Watch; and Forest of the DeadThe Eleventh HourThe Beast Below, and Victory of the Daleks all repeated on BBC America
2014 – Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks both repeated on Really; The Doctor’s Wife repeated on Watch; and Hide and Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS both repeated on BBC3

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